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Why it happens: Has anyone ever escaped the Bride of Frankenstein look after wearing a knit hat in winter? Well, no. That's because when the air is dry and your hat rubs against your hair, they swap electrons, creating an electric charge that builds up in your strands. Moisture loss also causes the hair's outer cuticle layer to lift and appear fuzzy, says Leon Gorman, a hairstylist and the creative director at Marie-Lou & D in New York City.

What to do: Stick to products that lock in moisture but work with your hair type. For fine hair, apply an oil from midlengths to ends so you don't weigh down the roots. If you have more texture, a thicker product like a styling cream or lotion can be massaged in all over. To ground flyaways, spritz hairspray on your brush before using it, says Gorman, who recommends swapping out a nylon-bristle tool for one with natural bristles, which are less electrically charged. (Here are more hat hair solutions.)

What to use: A blow-dry lotion, like Virtue Polish Un-Frizz Cream ($40;, is ideal for thicker hair. On normal to fine hair, try a serum or an oil, like Shu Uemura Art of Hair Essence Absolue ($69;


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